The Shires Somerys - Somerish wordlist



This wordlist is under construction and new words will continually be added to it.

Nouns in the list form the plural by adding an -s following rules similar to Ingallish, unless otherwise stated. Words with an asterisk (*) are neuter words which take thet as a definite article in the nominative singular, and remain unchanged in the plural.

Strong and weak irregular verbs are presented thus (e.g.):

abeare (abirth)/abore/aboren
abeare is the infinitive form, abirth the 3rd pers sing. present tense, abore the 1st and 3rd pers. sing. past tense, and aboren the past participle.

Weak regular verbs are shown as follows (e.g.):

awane -de -d
This gives you the three main forms, the infinitive awane, the past tense awanede, and the past participle awaned. Some weak regular verbs may lose a letter in the past tense and the past participle. This is shown thus (e.g.):
ared/e -de -d
This gives you the forms arede, aredde, and aredd.

The abbreviation decl. refers to a verb with which the verb in question shares declension. E.g.

bebudge (decl. budge)
which indicates that bebudge is inflected the same way as budge.

Prepositions are followed within parenthesis by the case which they govern, the accusative, the dative or the genitive. If both dative and accusative are indicated, dative governs rest while accusative governs movement.

*neuter noun
abeare (abirth)/abore/aboren suffer
abide (abitt)/abode/abiden wait
achye -de -d call
ack but (however)
acover/e -de -ed recover, retrieve
adowne down, downward
afewing joy
afeying painting, decoration
afore before (in front of)
after after
aftereld ‘after-age', the new age proclaimed by King Padraig of Christiana 1 AP
Aftsummer August
agone ago
ald old
aldeburghship metropolitan area
alder age (years)
ale* beer
all all, completely
all so equally
aller of all
almeast almost
alse as
alse byspell (a.b.) for example
alswithe immediately
altheigh although
ambight* office; ministry
ambightly official
an a, an; one
an eller another
anclew* ankle
and and
andfenge pl. -n address(ee) n.
andfengstow address (place)
andlong (w.gen.) along
andquis equivalent n.
andsware -de -d answer
andwarde -de -d present v.
andyet* purpose
ane alone
anew renew
anfornyean before (in front of)
ankin only adj.
anlawe acting alone
anleppy sole, only
anoven above (dat.)
anred of one mind, in agreement
anredness agreement
anwield dictatorship
anyild simply; only
apple apple
ared/e -de -d decide
arm arm
armstool armchair
arow cowardly
artou? are you?
arveth hard, difficult
asf. and so forth
aske -de -d ask, inquire
asmee -de -d examine
asound healthy
astemne -de -d build
astye (astieth)/astough,astowon/asteyn climb (up)
at at
atbe (decl. be) be present
atel ugly, terrible
athinden (dat) behind prep.
athought imaginary; invented
atwee (atweeth)/atweede/atweed doubt v.t.
aught something, anything
awane -de -d diminish
awone -de -d continue
awrite (awrit)/awrote/awritten describe
axe -de -d ask, inquire
aye ever
aye ealch every
ayen again
ayinne (decl. onyinne) begin, start
aywhat everything (whatsoever)
aywhilch each, every (whichever)
aywho everyone (whosoever)
bake (becketh)/book/ebaken bake
bannock bit (small piece)
barmcloath apron
barrow mountain
bat bat (cricket)
bathe, -de, -d bathe
be (am,art,is,been,beeth,been)/was,werst,was,weron, wereth,weron/ewerd be
be set by consist of
beaften (dat) behind adv.
bean bean
beard beard
beare (birth)/bore/boren carry, bring
bearn* child
bearnhode childhood
beate (beat)/beet/beaten beat
bebudge (decl. budge) sell
becume result
bed* bed
bedbower* bedroom
bedcove pl. -n bedroom
bedecke -de -d beg
beer* beer
befasted established
before before (in front of)
befre/we -ede -ed liberate, free
befreyne (decl. freyne) question (doubt) v.
behavend including
behinden (dat&acc) behind prp.
behove -de -d need v.
behowed careful
beigh ring
bel/l -de -led bark
bend bond
bende (bent)/bente/ebent bend, bow
benethen (dat) beneath
berighte (dat) beside
berke -de -d bark
bernhouse barn
berrend bearer; carrier
berrow mountain
berther childbirth
bertherday birthday
bery mountain
besee (decl. see) visit v.
beshewing thes life life philosophy
besiden beside
best best
bet better adv.
beteache (decl. teache) appoint; elect
betellend responsible
better better
betweigh between
bewerring defence
bewherve (decl. wherve) change
bewitting administration
beyiem/e -de -ed look after, take care of, take heed, observe
beyne both
bid thee! please!
bin(nen) within, inside
bisket biscuit
bissy busy
bite (bitt)/bote,bitton/bitten bite
bitter bitter
black black
blain blue
blean blue
blee* colour
blind blind
blithe friendly, gentle
blood* blood
boat boat
bold* building
boldcraft architecture
bone bone
book pl. beech book
boren born
botrock bottle
bouten but (except
bowe (bowth)/bey/bowen bow down, bend
bower room (in a house)
box box
bramble blackberry
brass brass; bronze
bread* bread
brecke (bricketh)/brack/broken break
bree -de -d cook v.
breede (breet)/bred/brooden breed
breight bright
breightom in a hurry
breydwayn car
breydwaynparrock car-park
breydwheel* motorcycle
brid chicken
bridge bridge
brimfowl seabird, gull
bringe (bringeth)/broughte/ebrought bring
broom brush
brother pl. brethren brother
browke (brooketh)/break/browken use
brown brown
buden tub
budge (buyeth)/boughte/bought buy
bulde (bult)/bulde/ebuld build
bund bundle
burne/barn/bornen burn
bus bus
bushaldstow bus-stop
but only, just, no more than
butter butter
by beside, by
bye -de -d bend
b'yieme! take care! (coll.)
byseech visit n.
byspell* sample; example
cald cold adj.
cald* cold n.
calle -de -d call; demand
canne can
capse box
cart card
cat (m) cat
catte (f) cat
cawel cabbage
chald cold adj.
chart map
chartwrighte pl. -n mapmaker
cheach cheek
cheap/e -te -ed sell or buy, barter, trade
cheaphouse* department store
cheaping trade
cheart common (open land)
cheese cheese
cheighe pl. -n daw
chepstow market
cher/re -de -red turn, change
chest box
chester castle
chewe (chewth)/chaw/cowen chew
chicken* chicken
chill cold n.
chin* chin
chirclewurde computer
choose (cheest)/chose,curon/coren choose
chovel cheek
clawe claw
clay clay
cleane clean adj.
cleanse -de -d clean v.
cleese (cleest)/cleeste/ecleest close
clep/e -te eclept call
clewn ball
cliff* cliff
climbe (climbeth)/clamb/clomben climb (up)
clip/pe -te eclipt cherish
cloam clay
cloath cloth
cloathfattels cupboard
clocke clock
cole coal (fuel)
comb comb n.
come (cummeth)/came/ecomen come
cook cook n.
cooker cooker
coren chosen, selected
corenbeigh crown
corenship election
corn grain; corn
cotch male bird, cock
cothy ill
coudstou? could you?
coughe -te -t cough
couth known
couthlock knowledge
cow pl. kine cow
covel bucket
covinkle* toilet
crabbe pl. -n crab
crafty skilful
crat* cart, wagon
cravings demand n.
crisp curly
crome pl. -n crumb
crowe pl. -n, crow
crowsen coat
Cruisane Cruisana
crum/me -de -med crumble
crumb crooked, bent
cunne (can)/couthe (coudst,coudeth)/couth be able to; know
cupple boat
cure choice
curnel small grain
custless bad
dare (dare,durron)/durste/- dare
darroth dart, javelin, spear
day pl. dawes day
daymeat lunch
dead dead
deaf deaf
deal part
dealnimme (decl. nimme) participate
dealnimming participation
deare dear
dearewierth precious, valuable
deareworthlish respectfully
deave deafness
deemwick pl. –en court
deep deep
deer* animal
delve (dilveth)/dalf,dulvon/dolven dig
dene valley
deng (dingeth)/dang/dungen beat
der/re -de -ed damage, injure
derf* labour n.
derk dark
derkness darkness
derve (durveth)/darf,durvon/dorven labour v.
dight* purpose
diner coin
dish bowl
do (deeth)/did(de)/done do
doal* division, parting
doalmead common, meadow
dol/e -de -ed err, make a mistake
dolt fool; foolish
dosy foolish
doughter pl. dightren daughter
doughty strong, able
dowe (deigh)/doughte avail, be worth, do
down mountain
downclimbing mountaineering
downlendish mountainous
dowth strength, ability, capacity
dox dusky, dark
dox/e -te -ed grow dark, dusk
dreeth/drey perform(ed), (usually in the 3rd pers)
droof dirty
dully foolish, erroneous
durn secret adj.
durnly secret adj.
durstleache (decl. yevenleache) dare, presume
dwale pl. -n error, mistake
dwalm confusion
dwease stupid
dwelle (dwelth)/dwalde/edwald dwell, stay
dwine (dwineth)/dwone,dwinnon/dwinnen decrease, diminish v.i.
dyel secret adj.
ea river
eabod business
eake -de -d increase, enlarge v.t. (a number) ' thet lockendrime warth eaked' the number of players was increased
eake pl. -n increase, addition
ealch each, every
eam uncle (maternal)
eard country
earde -de -d dwell, live
eare* pl. -en ear
eathe easily
eathely easy
eaven evening, even
eaven/e -de -ed grow towards evening
eavenmeat dinner
echely, eche eternal
eclept called
eddish park
edquicken revive
edquickening bringing back to life, revival
edstathel/le -de -led restore
efrey celebrated
eftnewing restoration, renaissance
eftrune return n.
eftsoone again, a second time
ehalden maintained
eighte eight
eith wave
eitheblond* surge
eithye -de -d flow, surge v.
eithyend rolling (of the sea but also of hills)
eke (eketh)/eighte/eight increase, become enlarged v.i. 'the wind eighte' the wind increased
elaste -de -d continue
elatche (elatcheth)/elaughte/elaught grasp, comprehend
eld age (era)
Eldership the Somerish parliament
eldren ancestors
eller other
elles else
elthedish foreign, alien
elvet swan
embe (w. dat.) around, about (a place); (w.acc.) about, concerning
embight* office
embightly official
embren* bucket
emenge -de -ed merge
emery ashes
emforth according to
emleyn surrounded
emnight equinox
emnwell as well
emode insane, crazy
emong among
emset* occupy; occupation
emspeech criticism, comment
endlefte eleventh
endleven eleven
Engeldowns Angel Mountains
enought abundance; plenty
equed* declaration
ere before (time)
erefather forfather
erend pl. - errand
erestearly prehistoric
erf* heritage
erm poor, wretched
erndrake pl. -n ambassador
erndwick pl. -en embassy
erne eagle
ernth crop (of corn)
erore* calamity, plague, ruin
erorenly perishable, unstable
Erse Eras, the old continent
erthe earth
erthtilth agriculture
erve -de -d inherit
eset situated
ete (eteth)/et/eten eat
ethaved approved; authorised
ethe -de -d curse, swear
ethel homeland, territory
etheling countryman
ew yew-tree
ewain perhaps, maybe
eward protected, guarded
eware aware
evenherteness harmony
evenmickle as much
evenright equal right
evenswithe as much
evenwell as well
evenworth of the same value, equal
ewhat anything
evor wild boar
Ewsteth Writ* document signed to confirm the union of the first three lathes 5 BP
Ewtaine Utania
evward absent
evwardness absence
ey they
ey pl. -ren egg
eydore window
eye* pl. eyne eye
eyland* island
fadren paternal
fand try
fane pl. -n flag
fange/fone (fo, feighst,feighth)/feng/fangen seize, take, capture
fare (fereth)/fore/faren go, travel
fareleight* pl. traffic lights
farewheel* bicycle
farm freight, cargo
fartale (tele)communications
fas* outskirt, fringe
fasthavelly economical
fasthavelness economy
fat tub
father father
fayr beautiful
fedre pl. -n uncle (paternal)
fee* money
feethe -de -d walk, go on foot
feethewheel* rollerblades
feething motion (of the body or legs); walking
feeworth* amount (money)
feigh* property
fer far
fermathel* telephone call
fermatheler telephone
fermeller telephone
fermend entertaining
ferr/y -iede -ied freight, carry cargo
ferrend traveller
fersh fresh
ferthe fourth
fery* lifeforce, spirit, soul
ferybold* body
fether feather, wing
fetherhame pl -n wings (also figurative), plumage
fierest farthest
fifte fifth
find (fint)/fond/founden find
firecrupple chimney
firmette -de -d beg
firstroof* ceiling
fither quarter (15 minutes)
flashe pl. -n bottle
flaxe pl. -n bottle
fleshcove pl. -n body
fleshmonger butcher
flex* flax, linen
flightcraft aeroplane
flighthaven airport
flit* quarrel n.
flock (political) party
fneese (fneest)/fnose/fnosen sneeze
fnore sneezing
foe enemy
folde pl. -n country
folkish popular
folkwield government; democracy
foode pl. -n food
footswath* footstep
for because
for aye forever
for them the because
for thy therefore, because of this, because
for why? why?
forcouth bad
forebeare (decl. beare) prefer
forebysen preliminary sample
foren opposite (prep.)
forenight early night, dusk
foreshewe (decl. shewe) provide
forethankly careful
foreyelpe (decl.yelpe) boast, brag
Foreyule December 1 - 21
forme first
fornyean before (in front of)
forsell (decl. sell) sell
forsterday the day before yesterday
forthe -de -d perform, excercise
forthem already
forthend performer
forthholde (forthhielt)/forthheld/forthhalden enforce (law)
forthyenglish increasingly
forwinsom/e -de -ed thoroughly enjoy
foryi(e)ve (decl. yieve) forgive
foryiveness forgiveness
fothe aunt (paternal)
fowl bird
fram (w.dat) from
freet freedom
freight honest
frels festival
frend friend
frendship friendship
frew/e -de -ed love
freyne (frineth)/frayn,frewnon/frownen ask, inquire
freyne* question
freynful curious
freynless doubtless
fricke pl. -n crier, herald
fricklow appetite
fridge (fryeth)/freyde/freyd investigate
frike (friketh)/frighte/fright dance
frith peace
frithe pl. -n protector
frithsome peaceful
frosh frog
froughte (frought)/frotte/frot be afraid, be frightened
frowe pl -n wife, woman
frox frog
frumth origin
frumthright* copyright
fryeday Friday
full completely
fullock final, definite
Fullock Writ* the document signed by all the lathes in 2 AP
furn ancient
furwit curious; curiosity
gammen* sport, game; amusement, enjoyment; be amusing to, me gamneth to..., ‘it amuses me to...’
gather -de -ed gather
gatherwist society, group
gavel* tax
glewship understanding, thoughtfulness
go/gange (yeeth)/yede/gone go
goose pl. yeese goose
gosset* chocolate
gost spirit, ghost
gouth war
greete (greet)/grat/groten cry (weep)
grith* safety
hackle coat
halde (hielt)/held/halden hold
haldsome careful
haldstow station, stop
hale whole
halfey peninsula
halth health
handset signing
hange/hone (heighth)/heng/hangen hang
hardhert stubborn
harvest autumn
have (hath)/hadde/(e)had have
havern crab
hea(ve)d* head
hea(ve)dseat capital
hea(ve)dseynd chairman
hear/e -de -ed hear
heigh (comp. hier/heighst or heighmo/heighmost) high
heighmo higher
heighmost highest
heir their
hele -de -d hide, conceal
hem them
hende handy
hende (hent)/hente/ehent hold (in ones hands)
hennen from here
hereneighst around here
herken/e -de -ed hearken
herne corner
herret deer
herte pl. –n heart
hertowe pl. -n duke
hettend adversary, enemy
hewbright beautiful
hewen blue
hey they
hier higher
hild war
hillroof* hilltop
hissem dat.s&pl. of his
ho she
hoard* treasury; bank
hoardern bank
hoardtale list of contents
hode degree, form
hole whole
holl hole
holt wood, forest
home home
hose hoarse
hote (heet)/hight/hight call, name
hothom darkness
hought hopeful joy, bliss, trust
houghtful hopeful, mirthful, pleasant
house* house
househeven ceiling
howdy careful
howeful careful
hower at least
howfele? how much?
hoy mind, heart, courage
hoycraft cleverness, wisdom
hoyrown secret n.
hudge (howth)/howde/ehowd remember; consider
hund one hundred
hundred* subdivision of a shire
hundwintre century
iddy busy
igh I
ilke same
ink suspicion
instighte -de -d arrange
irenwey railway
keeve tub
kembe (kembeth)/camb/comben comb v.
kenned born
kin* kin
kinrich* kingdom
kirth music
kitchel cake
kith home
kithe (kith)/kidde/kidd make known, express
kithings information
kithy knowing, aware of
knape pl. -n boy
knave pl. -n boy
knid/e -de -d beat
lade (let)/lode/laden load
lamb pl. -ren lamb
land* country
landlichamly topographic
landship region
landshipwise geographically
landware population
lathe* historical province of Somery
leame pl. -n light n.
leanstool armchair
lear -ede, -ed teach
leate (let)/leet/laten let, allow
ledewardly political
ledeyard country
leech medical doctor
leechhouse* hospital
leesing liberation
leet the governing body of a soke
leighe (leyth)/low/leyen laugh
leight* light
leightlish gently
leith*(craft) poetry
lempit basin
Lent April
lern/e -de, -ed learn
lether sound n.
lethere -de -ed make a sound
lette -de -d hinder
lich* body
lichame pl. -n body
lichamly bodily
lichbury cemetery
lichrest cemetery
lidge (lyeth)/lay/leyn lie (down)
lief loved one
life* life
lift air
like (liketh)/lighte/elight please
limp* accident
lith* cliff
litte little adv.
littel little adj.
loaf bread
loam* clay
loathwend hostile
lockend sportsman, performer of sports
loftcraft aeroplane
lofthaven airport
loke* game, sport
lore education;knowledge
lorehouse* university
loward master, lord
lutter bright
lutter bright
lye (lighth)/lowe-lewon/lown (say a) lie v.
mailtoreight mail system
mailwick pl. –en post office
maister minister
Maistership the Somerish cabinet
make (maketh)/maughte/emaught make
make yare prepare
manifald several
manthweare gentle, kind, meek, humane
march boundary
marow pl. mares horse
mary marrow
mathel* conversation
mathelrede parliament
mathelredely parliamentary
mathelwye* debate
mathly proportional
mathomhouse* museum
me list I would like
me thuncheth it seems to me
meagle mighty, impressive
mean/e -de -ed moan, lament
meane wicked, false, mean
mearly glorious
meast superl. of michel
meastdeals to the greatest part
meat pl. mets food
medren maternal
meller telephone
mengend associated with; concerning
mennish* man, human being
mennishly human
mennishly wesend human being/s/
mew seagull
mewle pl -n maiden, young woman
mey relative
meycouth related
meyfolk* relatives
meyman male relative
meyth family
meywife female relative
michel (comp. more/meast) big
michly great
mickle (comp. mo/most) much
mid (w.dat) with
middle* centre (circle)
midlen* centre
midwist cooperation
might power
minde o.s. (mint)/minde/minded remember
mirch darkness
mirk dark
mislike (decl. like) displease
misquethe (decl. quethe) curse
missenly various
mithe (mist/mith)/mothe/mithen hide
mo comp. of mickle, more
moan bad
moan* wickedness, crime, evil deed, guilt
moanlish falsely, wickedly
modry aunt (maternal)
momer/e -de -ed design v.
monday Monday
moneth pl. - month
monging business
moodseve pl. –n mind
moone moon
more comp. of michel; major
moredeals to a greater part
morewort carrot
morwen morning
most superl. of mickle
mote (mote,moost,moot)/muste must, have to
mother pl. medren mother
muist sparkling drink made from apples, some alcolhol, 'cider'
na no
nap bowl
naught nothing
nave not have
naye never
ne not
ne weenst[ou]? don’t you think?
near (comp. of neigh) closer
neat* cattle
neat*(flesh*) beef
needmay cousin (m)
needmowe cousin (f)
nees/e -te -ed visit v.
neigh nigh
neighleache (neighleacheth)/neighlaughte/neighlaught approach v.
neighly neigbouring
neighmost closest
neighst next
neithersome neutral
nemn but (except)
nemne -de -d mention; call
nesh soft, tender, mild
neshe -de -d soften
ness cliff
nethen below adv.
netherly (comp. nethermo/nethermost) low
netherroore downfall, ruin
neve pl. -n nephew
newhat not anything
neyne nine
neythe ninth
nift niece
nille (nill)/nould will not
nimme (nimmeth)/nome/nomen take; seize
nocke boat
nome -n name; reputation
noot pl. neet nut
nowne now
now tho already
now yen still (adv.)
numthe unless, except
nut duty
nuttle useful
oathswere (decl. swere) swear by oath
oaver bitter
offlin/ne -de -d stop, cease
omber* baby
on in (dat.); into (acc.)
on them night at night
oncher/re -de -red change v.
ond grudge
onemn (dat) beside
oneven beside
onsedge (decl. sedge) deny; renounce
onseen appearance; aspect
onst/elle -alde -ald establish
onwald authority
onwende (decl. wende) change
onyean (w.acc.) (prep.) towards (to meet)
onyin* beginning
onyinne (onyinneth)/ongan/ongunnen begin, start
oquerne pl. -n squirrel
ore dignity
orf* cattle
othe or
other second
oughtentide early morning, twilight
oughts belongings, property
outfare (decl. fare) leave, depart
outhwit* philosophy
outhwite pl. -n scholar, sage, philosopher
outlendish foreign
outrune outlet
owe/ought/owen own v.
over across
overmain dominated
overmorne the day after tomorrow
overnoon* afternoon
overwell too well
pennies pl. money
pinne bottle
pleely dangerous
pleigh danger, risk
pleygammen* ‘role-playing game’
pleyhouse* theater (the building)
plight danger, risk
pon on
quartern* prison
quelle (quelth)/quald/equald kill
quethe (quith)/quoth/quoden say
quick alive
quicke tiverings moving pictures
quide speech; phrase
railcrat* train
rand shield, coat of arms
randlore heraldry
rathe immediate, quick
ream cream
reasow suggestion
rede council
redebore pl. -n councillor
redend councillor
redesman councillor
reete (reet)/rat,ruton/roten weep, mourn, wail
reigh angry
rerd* voice, vote
rift* curtain
right correct adj.
righte -de eright correct v.
righting ‘style’; direction
Rime November
rimer calculator
rimetale number
rimeworth* value, number
rine touch n.
rine (rineth)/rone,rinnon/rinnen touch
rinne (rinneth)/ran/eronnen run
rither* cattle
rom! hello!
roof* ceiling
roor busy
rowme room, space; spacious, roomy
rudge back (of body)
sack bag
sam the... sam the as well as
sammen together
samshot cost
samwist society
samworth* cost
sarrowcraft art
saught agreement
saw saw
sawe pl. -n story, saying, tale
searim pl. -en coast
sedge (seyth)/seyde/seyd say
see (seeth)/saugh,sawon/eseyen see; understand
seech look for
seefte soft, pleasant, gentle
seel happiness, joy
seeler better
seelest best
seely happy
seight agreed, reconsiled
seld* palace
self -self, -selves
selfwield independence
selle (selth)/salde/sald give, supply, lend
serry ‘mate’
sette (set)/sette/eset form, shape v.
sevethe seventh
seyl sail
seylferrend sailboat traveller
shalk member
shamble desk, booth
shand shame
shathe -de -d hurt, damage
shea cloud
sheft creation
shenth confusion
shen/de -te -t disgrace, blame v.
sheppe (sheppeth)/shop/sheapen create; shape
sheppend creator
shet bill (e.g. in a restaurant)
shew/e -de -ed watch, look at
shewing survey; exhibition
sheyth boat, ship
shideferrend skier
shidefore skiing
shideleap ski jump
ship boat
shitchel coat
shoer shoemaker
shoewrighte shoemaker
shote pl. -n corner, angle
shove (shuveth)/sheave,shuvon/shoven shove; scatter
showe shadow; devil
shraff* cave
shrithe (shrith)/shrath,shridon/shriden move, go
shrither rover ticket
shucke pl. -n sprite
shule (inf.) (shall/shulon)/shoulde shall
sich sigh n.
sicker certain, trustworthy
sickerlish certainly
sighth sight, appearance, vision
sike (siketh)/soke,sickon/sicken sigh v.
sith late adv.
sithe journey
sithen since; as soon as
sither later
sithest latest
sixte sixth
slean (inf.) (sleighth)/slough/sleyen hit, beat, strike
sleepern* dormitory
small narrow
smatche (smatcheth)/smaughte/smaught taste
smearche -de -d smile
smee -de -d think, reflect
snew/e -de -ed snow v.
snotter clever
so oft so whenever
so what so whatever
so where so wherever
so who so whoever
soe tub
soke the smallest unit of government
soken resort
somdeals to some extent, partly
Somerkin* the Somerish people
sone son
soome concord
soone soon
sooth accurate
sooth* accuracy
soothly certain
soothly objective
soothseyndlish ‘to tell the truth’
sowelhoard* body
sowle soul
sowt disease, illness
sowter shoemaker
speak (speketh)/spake/spoken speak
speech language
spele -de -d represent
speling representation
spellend representative
spick* bacon
spoorcrat* tram
Sq. Mr
stande (stent)/stood/standen stand
stark strong
stathel foundation
stathel law constitution
stathel/le -de -led found
stathish steadily
stathy steady
stead deputy
stear* history
stearly historical
sterre pl. -n star
sterve (stierveth)/starf/storven die
steven voice
stockard citizen
stoke* building
stonebeigh stone circle
stonelime cement
stonelith* cliff
stool chair
stound hour
stow place
stove, pl. -n bathroom
stowly local
strack strong
strain*, strein* generation
strand beach
streal arrow, dart, missile
streetcrat* tram
stretch (stretcheth)/streighte/streight stretch
streyl curtain
stumps cricket
sun(ne) sun
sunday Sunday
sunderly special
sunderly wight individual
sunderwightly individual adj.
suneaven Saturday
sunmirch solar eclipse
suster pl. sustren sister
swart black
swatten (pl) beer
swease favourite adj.
swelte (swilt)/swalt/swolten die, perish
swere (swereth)/swore/sworen swear
swettle -de -d show, prove
sweven/e -de -ed dream v. n.
swey sound n.
sweye -de -ed make a sound
swike (swiketh)/swoke,swickon/swicken cease, fail
swike pl. -n traitor, deceiver
swilch such
swilch/em/wise that way
swinch labour, toil
swinke (swinketh)/swank,swunkon/swunken labour, work, toil
swith strong
swithe very
swithee! good-bye
swither right (opp. of left)
swoan swain, servant
swye -de -d keep silent; silence; silent
sye victory
sye -de -d set (of the sun), descend, decline
syeman victor
syere -de -ed be victorious
ta! thanks!
tale story; list
talent account n.
teanel basket
tee (teith)/teigh/towen pull, draw
teene ten
teithe tenth
telle (telth)/tald/tald count, account
tellower branch
tewesday Tuesday
thank/e -te -ed thank
tharf need (n.)
tharve (tharft,tharf,thurvon)/thorfte/thorft need, want
thean nevertheless
thede people
thedely national
thedish* language
theigh though
then/ne -de -ned extend
thennen from there
thenche (thencheth)/thoughte/thought think
thenning extension
there bith there is
thershwald threshold
thes gen.s. of the; accordingly
thes ilke worth of the same worth, equal
thet ilke the same
thetche (thetcheth)/theighte/etheight cover v.
thew custom, practice, usage
theyn ‘thane’, leader of a lathe
theyne -de -d serve, act
thich numerous; thick
thiche often, frequently
thickle fat, corpulent
thidge (thyeth)/theigh,theyon/theyen receive
thilch similar to this
thinge -ede -ed beg
thisset (this wight) this thing, this
thist this thing, this
thister dark
thisterness darkness
tho when (not a question), as
tho while whilst, meanwhile
tho yet still, yet
thome of the
thore of the
thoughe clay
thow servant, slave
thowdom servitude, slavery
thovel bush
thr/y -iede -ied press, print
thridde third
thrierhouse printing house
thrist daring, bold
thristleache (decl. yevenleache) dare, presume
throng* crowd
thun thin
thundresday Thursday
thurgh through
thurghstande (decl. stande) continue
thurghwon/e -de -ed settle down
thurl hole
thurve (tharft)/thorfte/thorft need, be required, want
thuster -de -ed darken
thweane (thwighth)/thow/thwayn clean v.
thweirgh angry
thweirsnid* cross section
thwite (thwitt)/thwote/thwitten cut
thwittle knife
tillingly cultural
tilth culture
timbre -de -ed build
time -de -d happen
timebred* timetable
tivering picture
to eak also
to ... wardtowards (ex. tohavenward towards the harbour)
tobrecke (decl. brecke) destroy, shatter
tocome arrive
tocume arrival
token* symbol
tomorne tomorrow
tonge pl. –n language; tongue
toothleech dentist
toqueese (toqueest)/toqueeste/toqueest destroy, crush completely
toreache (toreacheth)/toraughte/toraught join, put together
toreight system
toshen/de -te -t destroy
tosomne together
to thes to in order to
towcrat* train
towrit* description
toyeke (decl. eke) increase, add to v.t., 'her death toyeighte thone sorrow'
trammet page (of a book etc.)
traught text, commentary
trede (tredeth)/trad/treden tread, walk
treen wooden
trendle* globe
trod* path, track.
troke -de -d fail
trought bright, beautiful
trow belief, faith
trow/e -de, -ed believe
trumming recreation
tungle* planet; star
turew tar, resin
twee doubt n.
tweeful doubtful
tweeless doubtless
tween/e -de -ed doubt v.i.
tweendly doubtful
tweenel doubtful
tweenleight* twilight
tweighshire between shires
tweighthedely international
twelf twelve
twelfte twelfth
tweyne two
twisaught disagreement, hostility
twiseight disagreed, disunited
tyle brick
umseen blind
unbleigh clean adj.
undeare cheap
under below adv.
under (dat&acc) beneath
underburgh suburb
undern breakfast
uneathely difficult, hard
understande (decl.stande) understand
unsaught disagreement, hostility
unseend blind
unseight not agreed, hostile
untodealed indivisible
untwee certainty
untweely undoubtful
untweyndly certain
unwitend ignorant
unyeash unheard of
unyilch different; unlike
unyore recently
upon on
upstye (upstieth)/upstough,upstowon/upsteyen rise v.
urne (irneth)/arn,ornon/ornen run
utmost final
uvel bad, evil
uvele badly adv.
wake (waketh) /wook/waken wake, wake up
walkleech ambulance
wan black
wardwick pl. -en police station
warroth* beach
wary careful
washern* laundry (place)
watch (watcheth)/waughte/waught watch, wake, be awake
waverseen theatre (as an art)
waxe (wiext)/wox/woxen grow, increase
waymoot* crossroads, junction of roads
weal health; happiness; richness
webstow website
weden blue
ween thought, opinion; think
weenkithing [gathering] demonstration
weepe (wepeth)/wope/wopen cry (weep)
weer correct adj.
welcouth famous
welkin* cloud
wenchel* child; maid
wende (went)/wente,wenton/ewent go, leave
wepened armed
werk* work, product
werld world
Werne October
werse worse
wersly bad
werst worst
werthe (wierth)/warth/worden become, aux. for the passive
werthship respect, honour n.
wesend being
wessall! hello!
wessom fruit, result
wessomberrend fruitful, fertile
westou! Imp.sing. of be
weydoal* forking roads, junction of roads
weyfore transport (on roads)
weyleet* crossroads, junction of roads
Wf. Mrs, Miss
whan? when?
wheen somewhat, a little adv.; little, few adj.
whennen whence, where from
wher bowl
wherve (whierveth)/wharf/whorven move (sth.)
whilch which
whilch seyth (w.s.) that is, i.e.
whilchness quality
whilethrow period (of time)
whilewend temporary
whilom once, formerly
whitseyth (w.s.) that is, i.e.
whoose (wheest)/whoste/whoost cough
wich pl. -en office
wick pl. -en office
wickle -de -d doubt
wid wood
widenend widening
wierd fate
wierow/e -de -ed abuse, curse, condemn
wife* woman
wight person, individual
wike pl. -n office
wilferrend tourist
wilferrendwick pl. –en tourist office
wilfore tourism
winne friend
winship friendship
winsom/me -de -ed rejoice, exult
winsome pleasant, delightful, joyful
winster left
wintred adult
wise -de -d guide (v.)
wise pl. -n manner, way
wislish with certainty
wisly certain
wit* understanding, intelligence
wite* punishment
with (w.gen.) against prep.
withaften behind prep.&adv.
wither against adv.
witherbrowe pl. -n adversary; devil
withersins backwards
withhinden behind adv.
within(nen) within, from within
withsake (withsaketh)/withsook/withsaken disclaim; deny
withsaking disclaimer; denial
witlock pl. -en mind
wittedlish certainly, verily, truly
wittedly certain, sure
wittene -de -ed punish
witter wise, prudent
wittleness wisdom
wively female adj.
wlite beauty
wliteful beautiful
wode wood, forest
wodnesday Wednesday
woke (woketh)/woughte/wought weaken, languish
won/e -de -ed dwell, live
wont used (to a thing, condition etc.)
wood mad, crazy, insane
wooth voice
word* word
worden past.part. of werthe
wordhoard* wordlist, dictionary
wrath angry
wreasene -de -ed alter, change
wreasening alteration
wreke (wricketh)/wrake/wroken punish, avenge
wrid bush
wrighte pl. -n worker, producer
wrixle -de -d change
wrixle* exchange
wun joy
wurche (wurcheth)/wroughte/wrought work, produce
wurrend ‘evildoer’, by-name of Druig
wurthe -de -d respect v.
wye* war, battle, strife; fight
wyeman warrior
yar/owe -de -ed prepare, make ready
yarewite intellect, understanding
yate* gate
yea yes
year* pl. yere year
yeaste (yiest)/gast/yeasten scare, frighten
yed* speech; poem, song; story
yed/e -de -d recite, speak formally
yedealed divided
yeld* payment; currency
yeleer empty
yeliev/e -de -ed believe
yelle (yelth)/yall,gullon/gollen cry out, shout, yell
yellet* bowl
yelpe (yelpeth)/yalp,yolpon/yolpen boast, brag
yemene common, universal; general
yen again
yerm/e -de -ed cry (weep), grieve
yerrow/e -de -ed (meat/foode) cook v.
yers grass
yeseely timely
yest visitor, stranger
yew law
yevenleache (yevenleacheth)/yevenlaughte/yevenlaught imitate; copy
yewfastness abiding the law, ‘religion’
yewite pl. –n lawyer
yewrit* printed document; banknote
yie/f pl. -ves grace; gift
yieldcart credit card
yielde (yielt)/yald,goldon/golden pay
yieve (yiveth)/yaf/yiven give
yilch alike
yill* non-alcoholic drink made from hop and malt
yinne (decl. onyinne) begin, start
yist yeast
yo ago; before, formerly, earlier
yoanleache (yoanleacheth)/yoanlaughte/yoanlaught unite
yondlighting enlightenment
yong (comp. yinger/yingest) young
yore in the past
yoredawe belonging to old days, old-fashioned
yoredays the past
yot (yon wight) that (thing)
yoth ‘old boy’
yought (yon wight) that (thing)
yowe ewe
yowth youth
Yuletide December 22 - January 2